10 Beautiful Portraits on Flickr

Most people are drawn to portraits. But just what is it that makes a portrait great? Is it the composition? The expression? Perspective? An eye-catching photograph of a person usually has a combination of factors at play. Whether planned or spontaneous, framing, lighting, emotion, and implied context all work together to make a beautiful portrait. Take a look at ten beautiful portraits from Flickr we found and liked so much we decided to put them here.

Framing, eye contact, and vintage colors create beauty

Portrait Photography

Photo credit Caterina L

 This creative portrait was inspired by classic paintings

Portrait of woman in Renaissance dress

Photo credit Igors Reisonoks

Expression is the force behind this awesome portrait of a child

Portrait Photography

Photo credit Dustin J McClure

Beautiful bokeh, context, and the use of monochrome set the mood in this photo

Portrait Photography

Photo credit M M

Use of props and depth of field create a lovely environmental portrait

Portrait Photography

Photo credit William Fisher

A quick capture through cleared spots in the window caught these subjects in a true reaction to the street photographer

Portrait Photography

Photo credit Thomas Leuthard

The unusual perspective and catch lights in the subject’s eyes bring this photo to life

Portrait Photography

Photo credit martinak15

Use of natural window light gives warmth to this well-planned self-portrait

Portrait Photography

Photo credit martinak

The photographer filled the frame to make this amazing portrait of a woman in a headdress

Portrait Photography

Photo credit Andrew Brannan

Context and shooting the subject in action shows us the beauty in everyday life

Portrait Photography

Photo credit Thomas Leuthard

I love browsing Flickr and finding amazing photos like the ones above. You can also learn from seeing other photographers work. What do you think about the beautiful portraits we highlighted? Why do you like them?

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