5 Examples of the Wonders of Film Photography

Film is not dead. There are many photographers still hooked on analog photography, and some are even picking up film cameras for the first time. There’s just something about the quality of film photographs and the process of making them that cannot be replicated with digital cameras. Film photos have a distinct fine grain. They have a slowness about them. They show off the photographer’s technical skills. And because you don’t see film photographs immediately after they’re taken, they hold a certain mystery.

Here are five film photographs that might convince you to put down your digital camera:

Vivid film colors combined with an eye for capturing patterns bring this photo to life

A Rolleiflex camera was used to capture this fabulous bokeh in a square format

The deep crimson and blue stand out in this creative film portrait

Kodax TriX 400 film was used for this lovely black and white image that makes beautiful use of light and shadow

The light encountered on a misty morning in the woods looks romantic on film

Film still holds allure for some passionate photographers. For some, it’s the element of surprise you get when you develop your images or the tactile sensation of physical prints. For others, it’s the nostalgia of holding a vintage camera or the delicious colors that come only from using their favorite films.

Though some digital photographers have written off film as a relic of the past, there are plenty who have embraced it as an unparalleled art form. Why are you in love with film photography?

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