8 Beautiful Black & White Photographs

Black & white photographs are truly something special. Ansel Adams proved that color photography is not required to communicate the beauty and depth of a scene. When you strip away the color from a photograph, you’re forced to see the striking relationship between light and shadow. There are no colorful distractions to take your eyes away from strong shapes, lines, and form. Emotion cannot hide in deep, saturated hues.

Black & white photographs hold an elegant allure that is often forgotten behind the vivid colors at modern photographers’ disposal. These examples of beautiful black and white photography might just make you want to shoot in monochrome.

Black & White Photo

Oxford Street Sunrise (Explored #19) by Dom Crossley (shadows, backlighting)

Black & White Photo

Untitled by Thomas Leuthard (lines, framing)

Black & White Photo

London Calling #14 by Thomas Leuthard (eyes, expression)

Black White Photo

Staircase Tutorial by Andreas Levers (lines, shape)

Black & White Photo

Soul by J L (deep shadows)

Black & White Photo

Ibu Sopiah, Rice Cake Seller by Danumurthi Mahendra (environmental portraiture)

Black & White Photo

Tickets by Thomas Leuthard (lines, shapes)

Black & White Photo

the author by streetwrk.com (lack of distracting colors, lines)

What do you like/dislike about the black & white photos? What’re your favorites?

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