Autumn Photography

Changing leaves paint the hills and horizons. Birds and squirrels busily make their wintertime preparations. A bountiful harvest covers the kitchen counter. The cool, crisp days of fall give every reason to get outside with your camera. Make the season’s photos pop with color and coziness with these autumn photography tips.


Autumn Photography

Colors of Autumn by Lida

Look for vibrant leaves reflecting in water to bring interest to your fall foliage photos. Shoot when the sun is  low on the horizon, and wait for a day without wind to get the most mirror-like reflections.


Autumn Photography

Dream Pool by Ian Sane

Include the sky in your photos only when it adds something to the image. While bright leaves against a pretty blue sky might be beautiful and complementary, an overcast sky sometimes takes away from the stunning trees that are the signature of fall.

Mist and Fog

Autumn Photography

Softly, as in a morning sunrise by Philipp Antar

A chill in the air is implied when you put mist or fog in your photos. You may need to overexpose your image a bit to keep the mist from looking gray. Find an angle of light that accentuates the fog as the sun filters through the trees or get a shot of mist hovering over a lake.


Autumn Photography

haulin’ firewood by Nicoal Price

Autumn is all about color. Search for combinations of color that create contrast or balance. Or, fill your entire frame with just one or two colors. Saturate color by photographing on a cloudy day when the sky serves as a giant softbox.


Autumn Photography

fall by Nicoal Price

Once you’ve had your fill of fall landscape photos, focus in on the small details. Photograph just one leaf. Get in close to a spider’s web. Use a macro lens to capture tiny droplets of water dripping from a tree.

Don’t be afraid to give your scene a little boost by moving leaves or other elements. For example, if you’re photographing a waterfall and there aren’t many leaves on the ground in your frame, scatter a handful into the foreground. No one will know that you altered the scene if you’re careful about making it look natural.


Autumn Photography

foggy farmstand by liz west

Changing leaves indicate the season, but including more contextual items can help to set the mood of an image. Try including people engaged in autumn activities. Children playing in piles of leaves or people stacking firewood are two activities that are endemic to the fall. Hot drinks, light coats, rain boots, and pumpkins also add context to photos.


Autumn Photography

Yellow by Nicoal Price

Get a different perspective by moving down low or up high. Shoot directly from above or lie on the ground under a tree to show the changing hues in the tree canopy. Climb up on a hill and look down at a spattering of gold, red, and yellow treetops.

Look for ways to add feeling and color to your autumn photography. Take an early morning or late evening stroll in the fog. Go out in the rain. Look for reflections and context. Your fall photos will go from good to great.


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