Best Photos of the 100 Strangers Project

Are you comfortable with photographing strangers? Or do you hurry to take pictures of people out in public before they notice you? Some of the best photos are taken on the street; however, if you’re like most people, walking up to unfamiliar people feels a bit intimidating.

But some brave photographers regularly take to the streets to shoot portraits of complete strangers. A popular endeavour for photographers seeking to improve their skills and face their fear of approaching people they don’t know, the 100 Strangers Project is a challenge to find 100 people unknown to you and ask to take their photographs.

And the project doesn’t stop at snapping a quick photo. Participants are asked to start conversations with the people they photograph and share their stories online. The stories that go along with each photo are just as intriguing as the portraits themselves. It’s a combination of technical and social skill building that is embraced by photographers of all experience levels.

These are just ten of our favorite 100 Strangers portraits from Flickr:

Best Photos

Chaperone by Logan Campbell

This woman was out looking for her sister in Perth. She was happy to be photographed and asked for a copy of the portrait.

Best Photos

Stood Up? by Logan Campbell

After his request to take a portrait was declined by one person, the photographer wandered off but returned to photograph this man who was waiting for his girlfriend.

Best Photos

Durrell #268 by Peter McConnochie

This dancer was spotted reading a book in London. The photographer was intrigued by his style.

Best Photos

Emma #279 by Peter McConnochie

Emma from Australia was a natural model, patiently letting several photographers snap her photo. She looks beautiful in front of the stark red wall near a tube station in London.

Best Photos

January 8, 2010 – Leah by Caitlin Childs

Leah was spotted at a candlelight vigil and flashed a mischievous smile for the photographer.

Best Photos

Pete #12 of 100 Strangers by web4camguy

The stranger in this photograph turned out to be a professional photographer himself. He and the 100 Strangers photographer got into a discussion about using flash.

Best Photos

Another stranger by Terence S. Jones

A cheery man in Atlanta seems to have been enjoying a morning walk with his dog.

Best Photos

Stranger 9/100: Sophie by Robert and Cathy

People in costume, like this woman with Isis wings, stick out from the crowd and are often asked to be photographed for the 100 Strangers Project.

Best Photos

Robert – Stranger #1 by Gemma Stiles

In an interesting twist, this stranger broke the ice with the shy photographer and became the first subject for her project.

Best Photos

Meet Wade of Chestnut mountain – #001 of 100 Strangers by DM

Wade was another first for the project. The photographer met him as he hiked up a road, and the two talked about old cars.

Those who attempt the 100 Strangers Project are rewarded with beautiful portraits, dozens of stories, heightened confidence, and perhaps even some new friends. Have you tried a project like this? How did it go? What did you learn?

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