Digital Camera Memory Cards

Digital Camera Memory CardsDigital camera storage/memory cards are digital camera film, that’s where the digital camera stores photos you take. The advantage is of course you can use them over and over again and a lot more photos can be stored (depending of course on the capacity of the card). A lot of different kinds of digital camera memory cards are available. Unfortunately some memory cards only work with certain brands so you should really read this article so you don’t make a mistake when buying memory cards as it all can be really confusing.

Compact Flash Cards

Compact Flash Card is the most common format in use for digital camera storage but can also be used by other devices. Comes in two version Type I and Type II. Compact Flash Card Type I max capacity is 256 MB but the Compact Flash Card Type II can store more than 256 MB. Compact Flash is not only the most common but also the most supported format today. It’s used by Canon, Nikon, Casio, Minolta and HP.

SmartMedia Cards

SmartMedia Cards are almost the same as Compact Flash Cards, they’re not as wide supported and are a little bit thinner than Compact Flash Cards. SmartMedia Card max capacity is still at 128MB. Olympus and Fuji digital cameras use SmartMedia cards but are now making their new models with XD Flash Memory Card that’ll soon replace the SmartMedia Cards.

XD Flash Memory Card

The most recent and most advanced memory cards today, XD Flash Memory Card are really tiny and are storing the photos into the memory really fast. Most new models of Olympus and Fuji digital cameras are using XD Flash Memory Card.

Memory Stick

Memory Sticks are Sony’s solution to storage, the biggest advantage of Memory Sticks are that they can be used on all of Sonys products as they all use them.

IBM Microdrive is a Compact Flash Card but can store more than 1 GB of photos. A popular and great card that I myself use.

To conclude this article, we’ve outlined the different memory cards available on the market today. When buying a digital camera you’ll get between 8-32 MB of storage. The bigger the capacity of the memory card the more photos you can take.

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