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The transition from traditional film photography to digital photography has not been an easy one for all companies to make. Fuji, though, has managed to navigate this transition with ease. In fact, the Japanese company is doing its part to push the industry even further into the future with a slate of new products that literally picks the static photograph up from the table and turns it into a 3D visual experience. Without a doubt, the company is a leader in quality and innovation for the digital imaging field.

Digital SLR: One of the Broadest Lines of DSLR Cameras on the Market

Many companies with an interest in the digital photography space offer just one or two models of digital SLR cameras to meet every customer’s needs. That approach is one that has been roundly rejected by Fuji, which offers an extensive line of S-series digital SLR cameras that caters to each need, price range, and quality level, that might be expected of professionals or hobbyists around the world.

Among the seven digital SLR cameras sold to customers in the United States and abroad, the best Fujifilm digital camera in this group is the company’s S5 Pro. The camera is F-mount compatible and takes some of the highest quality pictures and HD video of any DSLR model on the market.

Point-and-Shoot with the FinePix Series

All of the company’s digital cameras are sold under the Fujifilm FinePix brand, including the company’s point-and-shoot models. Where Fuji really stands out is its commitment to a Fujifilm digital camera that can withstand water damage and high-impact drops from higher elevations. Its XP-series FinePix models are designed to do just that, and they compete favorably with similar models form fellow Japanese competitor Olympus.

For traditional consumers who don’t require such cameras, Fuji’s A, J, C, and T-series cameras all make excellent purchases. Megapixel ratings for these cameras range from 5 megapixels to upwards of 10 megapixels, and they easily meet every budgetary concern that a customer might have.

On the highest end of the FinePix spectrum, the company offers the FinePix 3D Camera. The camera does just what its name implies. Three-dimensional pictures are as easy to take as a traditional digital image, and they easily impress friends and family members with the quality and depth.

It’s a commitment to modern imaging that just isn’t found at many of the company’s competitors in Japan or around the world. Further, it’s been declared the company’s future path in the industry, as 2D images and videos increasingly take a backseat to three-dimensional replacements.

A History of Innovation at Fuji

It should come as no surprise that Fuji is leading the 3D photography charge with its latest camera model. The company was one of the first to offer point-and-shoot cameras to consumers, despite protests from many board members who were concerned that such developments would come at the cost of the company’s then-burgeoning camera film business.

Since its first digital camera product nearly two decades ago, Fuji has developed an ever-increasing portion of its research and design budget to digital SLR cameras, innovative lenses, and products like the aforementioned FinePix 3D Camera. That commitment has allowed Fuji to be spared many of the financial concerns that have dogged its competitors around the world, generally because they were slower to move on new technologies and the digital transition.

The Future Looks Equally Bright for this Photography Innovator

Fuji’s history dates to 1934, when the company was originally founded to bring photography products to the mass market. Since then, it has engaged in systematic innovation that has given it some of the best profits and products on the market. With its latest 3D camera product and a wide range of other products about to come to market, Fuji looks primed to continue beating many of its competitors around the world.

Over the course of the next few months and years, watch for Fuji to release further models of its FinePix 3D Camera, as well as updates and refinements to its broad line of point-and-shoot cameras. Those models will build on the solid improvements recently brought to the S-Series Fujifilm digital camera line, which remains one of the most popular and well-reviewed DSLR products in the world.

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