Rainbow Photography

Though they’re not difficult to explain scientifically, rainbows always seem full of magic and mystery. Capturing a rainbow with your camera has a lot to do with luck. But if you’re ready, you can photograph their fleeting beauty in a way that does them justice.

Have a camera bag with the following supplies available so you can grab it quickly the next time you have stormy afternoon conditions:

  • a polarizing filter for attaining more saturated colors
  • a sturdy tripod for low-light conditions and compensating for the polarizing filter
  • a wide angle lens to photograph the entire arc
  • a telephoto lens to zoom into small parts of the rainbow
  • a camera cover or umbrella to keep your camera safe from the rain

Rainbows are most likely to appear when the sun is low on the horizon, and they tend to appear most vivid when your back is to the sun. Check out this amazing rainbow photography from Flickr photographers who were prepared:

Rainbow Photography

Inverted rainbow by Phillip Capper

Carry your camera everywhere so you’ll be ready for surprise rainbows.

Rainbow Photography

A moment at Masca, the “hidden” village by blinking idiot

An early morning, patience, and a thoughtful composition presented the photographer with this gorgeous view.

Rainbow Photography

Mongolia by Mazzali

The golden hour light and long shadows accentuate the landscape under this awesome rainbow in Mongolia.

You don’t need to include the entire arc of a rainbow to make a beautiful photograph.

Rainbow Photography

southern alps by paul bica

A rainbow added to the deep colors in this picturesque view of the Alps.

Rainbow Photography

Rainbow remake by Patrick Emerson

The luckiest of the lucky rainbow hunters are treated to vivid double rainbows.

Rainbow Photography

Rainbow Castle by Harald Hoyer

Sometimes rainbows seem to pose for photographers.

Rainbow Photography

Regenbogen-Tauben by Bernd Sieker

The flock of birds in the photo give sense of this rainbow’s enormous size.

Rainbow Photography

Skittles In The Air by Melia Shumaker

If rainbows are elusive where you live, you can make your own by turning on a sprinkler.

These are only a handful of the beautiful rainbow photography found on Flickr. Imagine the disappointment if these photographers had left their cameras at home. What photography equipment do you like to have with you when a rainbow appears? Let us know in the comments below!

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