Rainy Day Photography

Gloomy weather can put a damper on creative energy. But there are plenty of photo opportunities awaiting you on rainy days. When other photographers are rushing indoors, get outside and take rainy day photos.

To keep your camera from getting too wet, you can buy or make a rain cover that keeps water off your camera and lens but still lets you get to all of the controls. Other pieces of gear that are handy for rainy weather include a macro lens for up-close images of water droplets and a clear or white umbrella to let in light while keeping you or your model dry. With your camera equipment dry and protected, you can concentrate on the many photography subjects that rainy days have in store. Try some of these rainy day photography ideas:


Umbrellas bring a human element to a rainy day photograph. Include the shapes of umbrellas in your images, and use umbrellas with bright, standout colors to add color to a dull day.


Red Umbrella by Jonathan Kos-Read


rufus wainwright:release the stars by Lali Masriera


Rain makes for shiny surfaces that result in beautiful reflections. Pay attention to puddles to find a pretty composition.


kiev / lavra by Marina


After a rainstorm, find water droplets on plants, spider webs, and windows. Use a macro lens to photograph the tiny inverted reflections in the drops.


In the rain by Lida

Playing in the Rain

Gather some friends or your kids, grab your rain boots, and go play outside. Run under overflowing eaves, jump in puddles, or just dance in the rain. You’ll end up with joyful photos that few people have taken.


behind the rain by Georgie Pauwels

Stormy Skies

Take advantage of the dramatic clouds that form before a storm. They’re a far cry from the ordinary blue skies seen in most landscape photography.


A little rain by James Jordan


When you don’t feel like getting wet, sit by a window for inspiration. Looking at the world through a rain-dotted window gives new perspective and helps with framing.


Raindrops by Felipe Gabaldon


The majority of portraits we see are taken in good weather. For a change of pace, find a model who will brave the weather for a unique portrait shoot. Make sure your model has a towel and a change of clothes ready for after the shoot.


Senior: Abby by Jordan Chan


After the storm passes through, there are often bright rays of sunlight that work well for backlit images.


Search for forms, shapes, and patterns on gray days to create abstract art.


inside rain by pulihora


after the rain by Phil Richards

Going on a rainy day photo walk is a fun way to capture unusual images when most photographers put their cameras away. Put on your raincoat, cover your camera, and you’ll be ready to make some art and memories out of a wet, grey day.

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