Digital Camera Buying Guide

Digital Camera Zoom

With zoom you can switch between close up and a faraway point. There is a very important thing to think about when buying a camera and that is the difference between optical and digital zoom. Optical zoom measures the ability of the camera’s lens and other parts to capture more light, and more detail, from […]

Digital Camera Resolution

When you’ve figured out what you’ll use your camera for and the size, it’s time to decide what digital camera resolution you’ll need your photos to be.

Digital Camera Sizes

Digital cameras come in different sizes. The bigger the camera is more features are usually available. It doesn’t mean that you need them though as featured on What do You need your digital camera for?. Usually you can sort the cameras into three main size categories: Compact They’re light, small and GREAT! Digital cameras that […]

What Do You Need a Camera For?

Before going into the features and things to watch out for when buying a digital camera you need to ask your self what you need your camera for? Based on your use you’ll establish what camera suits you best. If you’re on the move a lot you’ll soon find out that bulky camera just won’t […]

Digital Camera Buying Guide

Digital cameras are everywhere you turn now days. With all of the factors involved when purchasing a digital camera this guide should hopefully educate you on what to focus when making your selection and when you have to make the hard choice of choosing the best camera for your needs. Obviously the more educated you’re, the better camera you’ll be able to buy for your money. Read our detailed guide:

  1. What Do You Need a Camera For?
  2. Digital Camera Sizes
  3. Digital Camera Resolution
  4. Digital Camera Zoom
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