Photography Tutorials

Autumn Photography

Changing leaves paint the hills and horizons. Birds and squirrels busily make their wintertime preparations. A bountiful harvest covers the kitchen counter. The cool, crisp days of fall give every reason to get outside with your camera. Make the season’s photos pop with color and coziness with these autumn photography tips.

Imply Motion in Photographs With Panning

Photos that capture a moving subject in sharp focus while letting the background blur to show motion utilize a technique called panning. Panning refers to the way the photographer smoothly moves his or her camera along with the subject to take the picture. Learn how to use panning to imply motion in your photographs by making the following considerations.

Photography Documentaries

Artists are often private people. Some of the world’s most famous photographers do everything in their power to hide from the spotlight. The rest of us are left wondering about these artists’ circumstances and secrets. Thanks to documentaries, we are able to peek inside the fascinating lives of the best photographers of both the past and the present.

Photography Light and Shadow

Photographers devote so much time and discussion to the subject of light that it’s easy to misunderstand its emphasis. New photographers often interpret the focus on light in photography as a need for even, direct light–and lots of it–in every scene they photograph. But, it’s light and shadows together that make a great photograph.

Rainbow Photography

These are only a handful of the beautiful rainbow photography found on Flickr. Imagine the disappointment if these photographers had left their cameras at home. What photography equipment do you like to have with you when a rainbow appears?

Stunning Silhouette Photos

A popular and pleasing photograph that we’ve all seen is the perfectly exposed sky accented with a dark silhouette. This type of photograph may look challenging to pull off, but it doesn’t require much more than an appropriate light source and thoughtful placement of the subject. Follow these steps to create amazing silhouette photos.

Five Out of the Ordinary Self-Portraits

Photographers most often prefer to be behind the lens. In looking at photographers’ work, it’s not uncommon to never see what the artist looks like. Luckily, many photographers enjoy taking self-portraits. Whether it’s to practice using strobes, participate in a photo-a-day project, or just to see themselves in a photograph, photographers produce no shortage of self-portraits.

Square Format Photography

The popularity of apps like Instagram and a newfound interest in old medium-format cameras, such as those made by Hasselblad and Rolleiflex, has brought square format photography to the masses. However, the standbys of rectangular compositions don’t always apply to the 1:1 aspect ratio.

Photography Formats – Raw vs JPEG

Though most articles concerning photographers’ use of raw vs. JPEG files refer to the issue as a debate, the decision to use one or the other comes down to personal preference. You need to learn about and experiment with each of the formats’ limitations to make an informed decision about which file type suits your workflow.

10 Examples of Remarkable Macro Photography

Macro photography provides a new take on everyday subjects. The art of creating close-up images that render subjects life-size or even larger give us a glimpse of the fascinating micro-worlds all around us. We can magnify a spider’s web, snowflakes, or dew drops to see intricacies we don’t see with the naked eye.

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