Digital Camera Reviews

What You Need to Know About Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless cameras combine the small size of compact point-and-shoots with the superior image sensors of digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras. As their image quality improves, they are becoming increasingly popular among photographers.

iPhone 5 Camera Guide

iPhone 5 in particular, may not have reached the forecasted and anticipated figures, it remains to be the number one contender in the world of smartphones. Camera of the iPhone 5 does not differ a lot compared to iPhone 4S. Lets look at some of the camera differences compared to 4s.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S Series has been trending a lot lately. On March 14, 2013, the latest flagship of the S Series, the S4 has just been unleashed. Loaded with tons of jaw-dropping innovations and features, the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be the ultimate smartphone everyone has been dreaming about and it features a great camera.

About Sony Cameras

It should come as no surprise that Sony’s digital camera products are some of the most innovative and high quality in the industry. The company has, after all, been associated with some of the most enduring brands and products in consumer electronics. From the Walkman to its Memory Stick technology and beyond, Sony has been an innovator at every turn. Look for that record to continue as Sony methodically improves consumer and professional photography long into the future.

About Samsung Cameras

A Samsung digital camera is one of the most familiar on today’s digital camera market. Their cameras have a major share of the market, and their move into producing cameras for mobile devices has expanded their reach in the overall consumer electronics field. In general, Samsung products are still an attractive choice for photographers at all levels, from professional to amateur. They produce several lines of cameras for these different sectors of the market, though their major focus has always been on entry-level, basic models.

About Pentax Cameras

Without a doubt, Pentax was one of the slower companies when it came time to turn away from film and embrace a future of digital photography. In the years since then, though the Pentax digital camera has come to be associated with high quality, solid construction, and stunning design, making it a top choice among both professional photographers and consumers.

About Panasonic Cameras

Despite the company’s relatively late entry into the digital photography space, its well-regarded brand name has allowed it to quickly develop a loyal following among professionals and consumers alike. With a long line of digital SLR models, and several well-ranked consumer cameras, things look only to get better for one of Japan’s leading consumer electronics outfits.

About Olympus Cameras

Olympus is responsible for a large chunk of today’s Digital SLR photography industry, and is a well-regarded name even in point-and-shoot digital cameras that have become a mainstay among consumers around the world. Its innovation and commitment to quality has positioned it as a financially successful, and perennially innovative, photography enterprise for nearly a century.

About Fujifilm Cameras

The transition from traditional film photography to digital photography has not been an easy one for all companies to make. Fuji, though, has managed to navigate this transition with ease. In fact, the Japanese company is doing its part to push the industry even further into the future with a slate of new products that literally picks the static photograph up from the table and turns it into a 3D visual experience. Without a doubt, the company is a leader in quality and innovation for the digital imaging field.

About Nikon Cameras

Why do people take photographs? Photography is a creative process for making memories last. The quality of the camera certainly effects the image outcome, but that is secondary. Serious photographers crave an experience as much as producing unique images. One company that makes photography enjoyable is Nikon. Photographers of all levels have come to appreciate the attention to detail this company puts into all of its products. Why take a picture?, to capture the essence of a moment.

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