Digital Camera Reviews

About Canon Cameras

The world of photography is ever changing, with new models and cameras being released every year. Canon is at the forefront of this change. New technology is introduced and better cameras are released to the public. Canon refreshes their lines of digital cameras often, and they make sure to keep up with the changing industry. Canon digital cameras are widely known as some of the best in the world, and as such it is hard to go wrong with them.

SLR Digital Cameras

A Complete Buyer’s Guide: How to Pick a New SLR Digital Camera Today’s digital cameras can generally be divided into two types. The first, and easily the most popular, is the point-and-shoot model targeted to typical consumers who have no real expertise in photography. These cameras are perfect for those who don’t need a long […]

Point & Shoot Digital Cameras

Point and Shoot Digital Cameras: What to Consider Before Buying Today’s point shoot digital cameras are more sophisticated than ever, with models on the market from all of the leading consumer electronics companies around the world. With a larger plethora of models to choose from than ever before, many consumers new to digital imaging might […]

Compact Digital Cameras

Compact Digital Cameras: Why They Remain a Good Buy in the Face of Smartphone Competition There’s no denying that the world’s move to smartphone and tablet devices has caused many consumers to doubt whether compact digital cameras remain a good buy. With many phones sporting camera sensors that can produce pictures of between five and […]

Waterproof Digital Cameras

The Buyer’s Guide to Waterproof Digital Cameras While most digital cameras are used to take pictures of things on land, far from the reach of deep water, some buyers actually are looking specifically for a model that can travel with them to the pool, into the ocean at the beach, or even deep into caves. […]

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