Photography Tips & Tricks

How to Take Awesome Fireworks Photos

Photographing fireworks is a little tricky. It takes some trial and error to get your settings right, but by the time you figure it all out, the show might be over. Knowing what to expect ahead of time can make the difference between blurry shots and fireworks photos that make viewers ooh and aah. Use this guide to prepare for your next celebration or festival.

Lightroom Tips and Tricks

Many artists work for months in the powerful software without realizing some of the less obvious features hidden within. Learn some pro Lightroom tips and tricks to get even more out of your photo editing software.

Photographing Reflections

Next time you’re at a loss for what to photograph, look around for surfaces that can be used artistically for reflection photos. Move beyond the basic self-portrait or still life and use reflections in new ways.

Professional Pet Photography Tips

Pet photography requires patience and quick thinking. But don’t rule the genre out. Many clients will pay for high-quality photos of their pets, and you’ll get plenty of referrals and return customers if you’re skilled and experienced.

Portrait Posing Tips

Knowing how to pose subjects gives you versatility and confidence as a photographer. There’s no one agreed upon way to pose correctly, but you can pick and choose posing tips and rules that help you get photos you and your clients love.

Color Theory Basics for Photographers

One aspect of photographic composition that’s often overlooked is color. We spend plenty of time and energy thinking about the rule of thirds, framing, choosing between horizontal and vertical compositions, and depth of field. But the combinations of colors used in an image are just as important in drawing in the viewer. Familiarize yourself with these color theory basics for photographers to take your images to the next level.

Photographing Car Light Trails

Some night photography requires cloudless, black nights in the middle of nowhere. But you can still experiment with night photography even if you can’t make it out to the wilderness on a clear night. All you need is a bit of darkness and a safe place to view some vehicle traffic to practice photographing car light trails.

Light Modifier Glossary

If you aren’t familiar with common modifiers and how they work, tips and tutorials on flash photography can sound like a lot of nonsense. Use this glossary of light modifier terms to increase your versatility with flash photography.

Catchlights Enliven Your Portraits

Eyes can show us emotion and bring life to a face. We often talk of a person having a sparkle in his or her eye. Catchlights put that sparkle in a photograph.

Curing Photographer’s Block

At some point, all photographers experience photographer’s block. At its worst, it can cause an artist to set down his or her camera forever. But with the right exercises, creativity comes back time and time again.

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