Photography Tips & Tricks

Tips for Great Headshots

Though taking headshots sounds like a simple procedure, it’s actually quite challenging to produce images that accentuate the subject’s best features. Hammering out the details, including lighting, posing, and post-processing requires a fair amount of skill. Use these tried and true tips to improve your headshot photography.

Rainy Day Photography

Gloomy weather can put a damper on creative energy. But there are plenty of photo opportunities awaiting you on rainy days. When other photographers are rushing indoors, get outside and take rainy day photos.

Five Photography Books for Beginners

Mastering the basics is the first step in becoming a skilled photographer. Rather than getting lost in a sea of Google results, try starting with these five photography books for beginners. Head to your library or favorite bookstore and give your photography a jump start.

Best Photos of the 100 Strangers Project

Some brave photographers regularly take to the streets to shoot portraits of complete strangers. A popular endeavour for photographers seeking to improve their skills and face their fear of approaching people they don’t know, the 100 Strangers Project is a challenge to find 100 people unknown to you and ask to take their photographs.

5 Examples of the Wonders of Film Photography

Film is not dead. There are many photographers still hooked on analog photography, and some are even picking up film cameras for the first time. There’s just something about the quality of film photographs and the process of making them that cannot be replicated with digital cameras. Film photos have a distinct fine grain.

8 Beautiful Black & White Photographs

Ansel Adams proved that color photography is not required to communicate the beauty and depth of a scene. When you strip away the color from a photograph, you’re forced to see the striking relationship between light and shadow. There are no colorful distractions to take your eyes away from strong shapes, lines, and form. Emotion cannot hide in deep, saturated hues.

Six Examples of Beautiful City Photography

When you think of urban life, beautiful might not be the first word that comes to mind. More often, busy cities elicit visions of smog, litter, traffic jams, noise, and crowds. But artful photography can turn the mundane into something marvelous. Take a look at these lovely city photos from Flickr photographers around the world.

10 Beautiful Portraits on Flickr

Most people are drawn to portraits. But just what is it that makes a portrait great? Is it the composition? The expression? Perspective? An eye-catching photograph of a person usually has a combination of factors at play. Whether planned or spontaneous, framing, lighting, emotion, and implied context all work together to make a beautiful portrait.

How to Protect Photos on the Web

Whether it’s done with malicious intent or innocently, photos are stolen and misused online at an alarming rate. Though it may seem like an uphill battle, there are proactive measures photographers can take to keep their work from being used without permission.

5 Mistakes Newbie Photographers Make (And How to Avoid Them!)

New photographers are faced with many hurdles that can get in the way of learning essential photography skills and taking great pictures. Here are some typical mistakes made by beginning photographers.

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